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About Provider Resources

If you have any questions, call (216) 931-7474 or email

Provider Search Tool

The Board of DD has developed a new, web-based Provider Search Tool (PST) that allows providers to search for referrals of consumers looking for services. The PST also enables people to search for certified providers by name, funding source and service certifications.


Need to reach someone?

Here's the CMS STAFF DIRECTORY with the names, assignments, phone numbers, email addresses and locations of all the staff in our Community & Medicaid Services (CMS) department. (You may want to enlarge the view on your screen. The type in this directory is small to accommodate the numerous items of information.)


Major Unusual Incidents

This resource assists providers in understanding major unusual incidents and the various activities and responsibilities that occur when one is reported.


Major Unusual Incident Reviews and Analysis

ALL Providers must review Major Unusual Incident (MUI) reports annually for trends and patterns, covering the period of January 1 through December 31 of the previous year. This must be completed by January 30th and the annual reporting form submitted to the County Board by February 28th.

Submit your questions and annual report to Kevin Fallon by email: or fax your report to (216) 736-3399.

MUI Annual Report Form for Agencies
MUI Annual Report Form for Independent Providers      
Monthly Unusual Incident Log (for Independent Providers)

Information for Independent Providers on the Authorization of Overtime

Memorandum to All Certified Independent Providers (dated 12/19/2017)

Independent Provider Emergency Overtime Authorization Request Form

Plan Revision Request

There is a 15-calendar-day limit on the time during which you may request a change. The CCBDD Community and Medicaid Services Department has developed a Revision Request Form and process for changes to services authorized by a support administrator in an ISP or ISP addendum.


Questions about billing?

Click HERE to access the Ohio Dept. of DD's website for providers.

“Nobody Home” Policy

If no one responsible is at a rider’s home or alternative address between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., the rider should be taken to the William Patrick Day Center, 2421 Community College Ave., in Cleveland (next to St. Vincent Charity Hospital and across the street from Cuyahoga Community College's Metro Campus. Please call (216) 736-3686 before taking an individual to this location. After 7 p.m., call the after-hours-on-call (AHOC) number at (216) 694-7077 for help and information.

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