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About Provider Resources

If you have any questions, call (216) 931-7474 or email

Provider Selection

Individuals who receive services paid for with a Medicaid waiver may select any provider who is certified for and willing to provide the requested service.


NEW Provider Search Tool

The Board of DD has developed a new, web-based Provider Search Tool (PST) that allows providers to search for referrals of consumers looking for services. The PST also enables people to search for certified providers by name, funding source and service certifications.


Need to reach someone?

Here's the CMS staff directory with the names, assignments, phone numbers, email addresses and locations of all the staff in our Community & Medicaid Services (CMS) department. (You may want to enlarge the view on your screen. The type in this directory is small to accommodate the numerous items of information.)


Major Unusual Incidents

This resource assists providers in understanding major unusual incidents and the various activities and responsibilities that occur when one is reported.


Major Unusual Incident Reviews and Analysis

ALL Providers must review Major Unusual Incident (MUI) reports for trends and patterns.

Each provider must review MUI reports Semi-Annually, covering January 1st through June 30th of each year.  It must be completed by July 30th and sent to the County Board by August 31st.

Each provider must also review all MUI reports for January 1st through December 31st of the previous year.  It must be completed by January 30th and sent to the County Board by February 28th.

Submit your questions and Semi-Annual and Annual Reports to David Nodge, MUI community liaison, by email to or fax your report to (216) 736-3399.

The below Semi-Annual and Annual Report forms contain all 10 of the Rule-required reporting elements. If you choose to use it, and adequately complete all sections, your Semi-Annual and Annual Reports will be in full compliance with the current MUI Rule.

MUI Semi-Annual/Annual Report Form for Agencies
MUI Semi-Annual/Annual Report Form for Independent Providers       
Monthly Unusual Incident Log (for Independent Providers)

Money Management

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has developed a rule for the management of individual funds and personal belongings i.e. Rule 5123:2-2-07. This section will provide you with a better understanding of managing funds if it has been decided through an assessment and written in the Individual Service Plan that you, the provider, will be responsible for or will assist an individual with handling his or her funds and personal belongings.


Helpful Links

Medication Administration Basics

All individuals have the right to self administer medication, providing they can do so safely. But in some instances, individuals rely on providers to administer their medication. Providers have to be certified and must document the medication administration.

All providers and staff who are certified to pass medication click here for important changes from DODD.   Please be aware that there is no longer a grace period to renew your med pass certification.  You must renew before your annual date, or you will have to take the full certification training again.    

Plan Revision Request

As of July 1, 2012, there will be a 15-calendar-day limit on the time during which you may request a change. The CCBDD Community and Medicaid Services Department has developed a Revision Request Form and process for changes to services authorized by a support administrator in an ISP or ISP addendum.


Patient Liability

If a waiver recipient should exceed income limits to be eligible to participate in the Medicaid waiver program, the individual may have to pay for a portion of his or her care out of pocket. This is the amount the individual is required to contribute (pay) each month for Medicaid services in order to maintain Medicaid eligibility.

Cost To Live Subsidy Packet

If individuals are not able to meet all of their financial obligations, CCBDD will assist them to identify additional or alternative resources, such as seeking financial, material or service contributions from natural supports or generic community resources. In the event that those resources are unavailable or do not meet the total required assets, and all other possible resources have been explored and exhausted, a rent subsidy funded through CCBDD may be considered. Funds for these subsidies are extremely limited and will be used primarily to ensure the health and safety of the individual.


Cost Projection Tool

The Cost Projection Tool (CPT) is in place to project a consumer’s costs within his or her Developmental Disability Profile (DDP) range and acuity. The tool is a single, common application for cost projection that is used by all County Boards of DD in Ohio and providers. The CPT will improve data flow and integrity and streamline the payment authorization process.


Ohio Department of DD Provider Billing

Providers are independent business owners and, as such, are responsible for billing the state for services rendered, following claims as they are processed through the system and maintaining documentation of services. This link will take you to the Ohio Department of DD website where you will find information to help you understand your responsibilities regarding:

We also have a short provider billing presentation that may be helpful:

“Nobody Home” Policy

If no one responsible is at a rider’s home or alternative address between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., the rider should be taken to the William Patrick Day Center, 2421 Community College Ave., in Cleveland (next to St. Vincent Charity Hospital and across the street from Cuyahoga Community College's Metro Campus. Please call (216) 736-3686 before taking an individual to this location. After 7 p.m., call the after-hours-on-call (AHOC) number at (216) 694-7077 for help and information.

More Helpful Resources

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