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Assistive Technology

Photo of Adult helping child with electronic deviceAssistive Technology provides a range of services and supports to help children and adults reach their full potential and participate in community life. Within the department, various specialists work as a team. Among other things, they help individuals exercise choices and function more effectively in a variety of environments. They provide services in community settings as well as at Board of DD locations. 

Speech-Language Services

All people, regardless of the extent or severity of their disability, have a basic right to affect, through communication, the conditions of their existence. To this end, speech-language pathologists provide services that help improve communication between individuals and their communication partners.

Speech-Language Services include assessment, intervention, problem-so9lving and family/caregiver/staff training. These services are available to both children and adults and may be provided in a variety of settings—schools, adult activities centers, homes and community locations. 

Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Our AAC unit includes speech-language pathologists with extensive augmentative experience and an adapted computer specialist. They can assess an individual's ability to utilize voice output communication systems, symbols and switches to effectively communicate with others. Then they can help select an appropriate communication device when an individual is found to be a candidate for technology, fabricate the system and train individuals and their partners in their environment to effectively use AAC. They can also facilitate funding and coordinate maintenance/repair activities through ongoing trouble shooting and contact with vendors.   

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Overall, our occupational and physical therapists function as members of a team to assist in determining activities appropriate for an individual’s level of functioning. Their services may include evaluations, equipment adaptations and recommendations to supplement home-based, classroom and adult programming. They may provide input in the areas of positioning, feeding, mobility and a variety of functional fine, gross and sensorimotor activities.

Visit our wiki!

The Board of DD's Assistive Technology Department has launched a wiki. Go there to find links, vendors, stories and virtually anything else that relates to assistive technology.

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