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The Bed Bug Problem in Cuyahoga County

To the People We Serve, Their Parents and Caregivers

Calls to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health about bed bug problems have been increasing. Everyone in the community needs to know what they can do about it. Everyone needs to know what bed bugs look like, how to keep from bringing bed bugs into your home and what to do in case you do find bed bugs in your home. Identifying a bed bug problem early reduces the treatment costs.

A bed bug infestation problem can happen to anyone, including businesses, schools, hotels and cruise ships. Cuyahoga County and Cleveland public health officials have advised that the bed bug problem is just beginning here and is not going away any time soon. Please read the fact sheet at the end of this notice.

What the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is doing:

CCBDD buildings have bed bug monitoring and prevention plans in place. 

CCBDD has joined the public health information campaign by sending this letter and fact sheet from
   public health resources to consumers, families, providers and CCBDD employees.

CCBDD employees making home visits are being instructed to wear shoe covers. Anyone entering a  
    home can unknowingly transport bed bugs from one residence during a home visit to another residence,
    as well as back to the workplace. This practice will also limit the potential for transporting other pests,
    such as cockroaches as well.

What you can do:

Be informed! Learn about bed bugs. Please read the bed bug fact sheet with pictures that
   follows this.
Prevention and early identification of bed bugs in the home are the most important steps in
   controlling the problem.

Routinely inspect backpacks, purses and any personal items carried to and from work or school.

Inspect furniture, clothing and other items purchase before bringing them into the home.

Check luggage, clothing and other belongings brought into the home by family or visitors after traveling.

If you do experience a bed bug problem, please inform the CCBDD work or program site.

Individuals are not to be excluded from work or program attendance when a home is
    being treated for bed bugs.

We will assist the individual in a dignified manner and keep the information confidential.

The CCBDD will provide additional information resources to assist the individual, family and/or caregiver.

If you have questions or suspect a bed bug problem has occurred in your home, we recommend that
   you contact your health department for further information. Public health contact information is below:

For Cleveland residents,
call the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

Phone: (216) 664-2324

For residents of other Cuyahoga County communities, call the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

Phone: (216) 201-2000

To access information on the Internet, these are some good resources:


Cuyahoga County Board of Health


Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force

Ohio Department of Health (Select “B” from the A-Z Index; then select "bedbugs.")

Here's a fact sheet about bed bugs.

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