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Behavior Intervention Strategies

Our Behavior and Curriculum Intervention Specialist (BCIS) Department conducted a consumer satisfaction survey a couple of years ago. The results of this survey indicated that we were deficient in communicating a clear understanding our services and the meanings behind the strategies that we recommend and implement in our behavior plans. 

As a means to address these identified deficiencies, the BCIS Department put together this short quarterly Newsletter, explaining some of the “methods to our madness”, (see attached) 

If you have an interest in understanding more about behavior strategies and or the philosophy behind the things that we do to help consumers with extreme behaviors at school and home, you may find this short read interesting.  

This is our first attempt with this type of communication. Our intent is to electronically send this to all consumers that we work with and who could be interested. We will also be distributing hard copies to those not having access to computers or other electronic devices. If you like what you have read, feel free to share this with anyone else interested.

At this time, our plans are to publish this quarterly.  

- from Robert Trapp, Manager of Behavior Curriculum Intervention Specialist Unit of CCBDD 

BCIS Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 4.pdf
BCIS Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1.pdf
BCIS Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3.pdf


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