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Behavioral & Healthcare Services

The behavioral and health supports department provides a wide range of services, supports and training to providers and other organizations involved in the care and support of individuals with disabilities. The department participates in quality assurance activities related to medication administration and oversees the Human Rights Committee, ensuring that any use of supports are as least restrictive as possible.

Mental Health Supports

Short-term counseling, psychological testing, and linkages to community-based mental health supports are available to assist persons eligible for CCBDD services and their families with behavioral and mental health challenges.

Staff providing mental health supports include psychologists, licensed independent social workers, and licensed professional clinical counselors.

To access mental health supports, please contact your Support Administrator or, if you are not yet eligible for CCBDD services, contact intake at 216-736-2673. Other questions related to mental health supports can be directed to Dr. Richard A. Cirillo at (216) 736-2693.

Psychiatry Clinic at University Hospitals

The Department of Psychiatry at University Hospitals operates an intellectual and developmental disabilities outpatient psychiatry clinic serving adults ages 18 and older. The clinic is staffed by psychiatrists, psychiatric fellows, residents, and advanced practice nurses. These staff have specialized knowledge and experience in working with adults with developmental disabilities who also have psychiatric needs and/or behavioral problems and their families and caregivers.

There are two clinic locations:
     EAST- UH Cleveland Medical Center (Suite 1165, First Floor, W.O. Walker Center, 10524 Euclid Ave. Cleveland)
     WEST- Suite 214, 4065 Center Road, Brunswick, OH 44212

For more information, click HERE to visit the Clinic's website or call: 216-983-0027.


Behavioral Supports for the Home, Community and Workplace

Individualized behavioral supports are designed and integrated into the person's overall Individualized Support Plan (ISP). Supports are initiated by the person's Support Administrator and, once requested, behavioral staff work closely with the person, caregivers, and other members of the support team to understand issues and develop supports that maintain safety and promote personal growth and quality of life. Supports are designed to be positive in nature with an awareness and sensitivity to the potential role that adverse or traumatic experiences have with regards to the person's challenges.  

Behavioral health staff include licensed psychologists, psychology assistants, licensed professional clinical counselors, licensed independent social workers and behavior support professionals.

To access behavioral treatment services, please call your Support Administrator. If you are not yet eligible for CCBDD services, please call the intake department at 216-736-2673. Other questions related to behavioral health supports can be directed to Dr. Richard A. Cirillo at (216) 736-2693.


Family/Caregiver Education and Support

Family/caregiver education and support are available to assist family members and/or caregivers with challenging issues related to living with and/or caring for a person with a developmental disability. The primary goal is to support positive change as identified by the family. The process typically includes assessment, intervention and caregiver support to help with problem-solving, coping strategies, stress, anger, loss/grief, trauma, family conflict, life transitions, education and professional consultation.

All staff who provider family/caregiver education and support have a master's degree, are a licensed counselor or social worker, and have extensive experience in the field of developmental disabilities. They are included as a part of the person's team.

To access family caregiver education and support services, please contact your Support Administrator. If you are not yet eligible for CCBDD services, please call the intake department at 216-736-2673.

Nursing Supports

Nursing staff offer supports to enable individuals with DD and medical needs to live, learn, work and play in the community by working with individuals, families/guardians/caregivers and other community agencies supporting them.   

Nursing supports are individualized and consist of analysis of medical needs through assessment, consultation and plan development; training of individuals, families and caregivers to meet medical needs, promote and maintain health, identify risks to health and safety and take actions in the event of a health care problem; implementation by short-term direct nursing services, training and delegated nursing; and evaluation of services/supports provided.   

Staff are registered nurses and licensed practical nurses have long-term experience in meeting the medical/nursing needs of individuals with DD. They employ a holistic approach that considers the physical, mental, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals when meeting medical needs. Their services are individualized, quickly accessible and flexible.  

To access these services, call Dr. Richard A. Cirillo at (216) 736-2693.

The Comprehensive Care Clinic at MetroHealth Medical Center

The Comprehensive Care Clinic employs a medical home model that gives coordinated medical care to children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Care is given across a variety of specialties and throughout the patient’s lifespan.  In addition to physicians, nurses and other professionals, the clinic employees nurse care coordinators who work closely with families and their medical providers help to ensure that the patient has a coordinated plan of care and can manage any potential barriers to receiving that care.  

To learn more, click HERE to visit the Care Clinic’s website or call 216-778-5198.

Dentistry at MetroHealth Medical Center

The Department of Dentistry at MetroHealth Medical Center provides both routine dental services and those which may require general anesthesia. General anesthesia is sometimes needed for individuals who are otherwise not able to tolerate the process of dental work. 

To learn more, click HERE to visit the Center's website or call 216-778-4725.



Human Sexuality Education and Supports

Human sexuality services and supports provide sexuality and social skills information, education, training and consultation to adult individuals, their families, caregivers, staff and community agencies to maximize an individual’s ability to live, learn, work and play in the community. Services may include screening, assessment of sexual knowledge, appropriateness of behaviors, strategies for responding to sexual behaviors and policy development for agencies.These services are available to individuals age 18 and older who are eligible for CCBDD services.

For those under age 18 and eligible for CCBDD services, consultation may be available to parents and support teams on a limited basis. In most cases, CCBDD does not provide direct human sexuality services to minors.

Referrals are made through the person's Support Administrator.

For more information, please contact Katherine Antall, MS at 216-362-3779.

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