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Watch these videos and learn the many benefits of enhanced diversity in the workplace.



Ohio’s Employment First initiative promotes that all people with developmental disabilities are presumed capable of community employment and that community employment is the preferred outcome for working-age adults with developmental disabilities.

Employment First Matters
Employment First enhances lives by creating greater opportunities for all people to advance their careers. Individuals can use their strengths and talents in order to increase their economic wealth, have a sense of accomplishment and create their own social identity.

The community benefits from community employment provide diversity and enrichment to the community, promote equal opportunity within the community and decreases dependency on public funding.


Employers benefit from community employment as it will provide more value to their businesses because of access to dependable and qualified employees.

Resources for Job Seekers and Families

Resources for Employers


Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County

The Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County is a network of 34 nonprofit, social service and government agencies dedicated to meeting the hiring needs of local businesses by:

  • Providing direct access to qualified candidates;
  • Hosting hiring events and educational trainings; and
  • Promoting awareness of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

To join the Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County, register for an upcoming hiring event (see below), or to learn how your business can benefit from enhanced diversity, contact us at (216) 931-7348 or via email:

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