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Family Supports Program

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The Family Supports Program is a program of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD). The CCBDD has entered into an agreement with North East Ohio Network (NEON) to assist with the daily operations of the program. CCBDD establishes guidelines for the program, monitors its implementation, and makes necessary modifications to the program.


Each individual receiving service from the Family Supports Program must be eligible for services from the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Eligibility is established upon the first request for services and is re-determined at age 3, age 6 and age 16. For further information about eligibility requirements for the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, please contact the CCBDD intake office at (216) 736-2673 or             

The Family Supports Program is only available to CCBDD-eligible individuals who are living at home with their families. Individuals who live in their own apartment, who are enrolled on a Developmental Disability Waiver (Level 1, Individual Options, Self-Empowered Life Funding, Transitions for Developmental Disabilities), who live in an ICF/IID or who live in foster care are not eligible for service from the Family Support Program. If a CCBDD Support Administrator is assigned to you, you may be eligible for similar services. 


The Family Supports Program operates on a calendar year basis beginning January 1st each year. Maximum funding amounts per family may vary from year to year based on CCBDD’s funding for this program and number of families served. The available amount of funding for a family will be based upon their reported taxable income. This is not an entitlement program. Applications and funding requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis each year. Allowances for families joining or re-joining the program during the calendar year will be prorated. All invoices from the previous calendar year must be received by NEON no later than January 31 in order to be processed. Payments for services cannot cross calendar years. The program will not fund any services provided prior to enrollment or while the individual is not enrolled in the program.   


NEON and/or CCBDD staff members are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the Family Support Program. Please contact NEON at 1-800- 237-6828 or e-mail at for all aspects of the program with the exception of the Home Modification needs. For questions about home modification needs, please contact the Manager of Family Support Program at (216) 736-2947 or e-mail at

Bright Beginnings' Families (formerly Help Me Grow)

The Family Support Program offers financial assistance to eligible families based upon family taxable income. The program funds services and supports not covered by Medicaid or other insurance that are needed due to a child’s disability. It does not fund items that are necessary for typical child development.

The program funds the following types of services: 

  • Specialized equipment that may be recommended by your therapist
  • Therapies
    • Recreational therapies (adaptive swimming, therapeutic riding, music therapy)
    • Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for children under age 3. This will be funded if insurance does not cover the cost of therapy. The program can also cover the cost of co-pays.
  • Counseling 
  • Specialized Nutrition related to a disability (for children over the age of 1)
  • Training for families (can cover the cost of seminars or conferences).
  • Home modifications for accessibility
  • Respite care 
If you need one of these services, please call our Family Support Application Line at (216) 931-7462 or send us an e-mail at We will mail you an application. To print a copy of this information for Bright Beginnings' families, click here.

Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence supplies may be available for adults and children over the age of 3 who are not eligible for payment through Medicaid or another insurance program.  A physician’s prescription certifying the individual is incontinent is required on an annual basis. CCBDD contracts with a company to deliver needed incontinence supplies to your home on or before the 10th of each month.  A variety of brands are available; however the options may be limited.   If there are changes to type, size or quantity of incontinence supplies, please contact NEON as soon as possible.  The cost of incontinence supplies will be deducted from your total annual program allowance.  

Items that may be Funded

  • Incontinence supplies funded under contract.
  • Pull Ups
  • Wipes
  • Incontinence Pads
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Hygiene gloves


Specialized Nutrition

Specialized nutrition that complements a meal and which is required to meet daily caloric and nutritional requirements may be available. Physician’s orders for the nutritional supplement, along with a corresponding diagnosis, are required. These items may only be available if medical insurance does not cover the required nutritional product.  

Items that may be Funded

  • Dietary shakes prescribed to meet caloric and nutritional requirement.
  • Specialized formula after age 1.
  • Thickeners


Special Equipment

Special equipment may be available upon the recommendation of any of the following professionals:  Physician, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist or Speech/Language Pathologist. The therapist is required to complete the CCBDD therapy request form and must attach a picture and description of the specialized piece of equipment. This equipment will be ordered and shipped to the location specified by the therapist. The form should be:  mailed to the address specified; faxed to (855) 336-6968 (Toll Free); or e-mailed to It is not necessary for you to make a phone contact in addition to sending the documentation. You will be contacted if any other information is required.  If the cost of the equipment exceeds your annual program allowance, you will be required to pay NEON for the portion in excess. Typical toys are not considered specialized equipment and will not be purchased under this program. The amount of the special equipment will be deducted from your total annual program allowance.

Equipment Request Form

Items that may be Funded

  • Sensory items
  • Therapy balls
  • Orthotics
  • Communication devices
  • Weighted blankets/vests
  • Adapted utensils/plates
  • Adapted strollers 3 and above
  • Adapted car seats

Therapies and Classes

The Family Support Program may assist in funding traditional therapies, such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy for children under 3 years of age. For individuals 3 years old and above, therapies will not be funded by this program. The amount of the therapies will be deducted from your total annual program allowance.            

Adapted recreational therapies and classes may be funded through the Family Support Program. Typical classes (non-adaptive) are not able to be funded under the Family Support Program.

Items that may be Funded

  • Music therapy
  • Therapeutic horseback riding
  • Adaptive aquatics
  • Adapted art
  • Adapted dance programs
  • Adapted sports programs

Training and Conferences

The Family Support Program may fund registration costs for conferences for families on topics related to the eligible individual. Prior approval is required for this program to fund training and conference attendance. The cost of these services will be deducted from your total annual program allowance.

Items that may be Funded

  • Any conference or seminar related to a Developmental Disability.


Camp Funding

The Family Support Program may assist with the cost of a camp that meets the needs of the individual in the program. If you are enrolled in the Family Support Program and interested in using funding for camp, click HERE for the Camp Guidelines. To complete the Camp Authorization Form, click HERE and return it to the address on the form. The application will be reviewed and returned to you. The cost of camp will be deducted from your total annual program allotment. For questions, contact NEON at 1-800-237-6828 or

20th Annual Summer and Beyond Fair- February 17, 2018 from 10 AM - 1 PM at the Woodside Event Center at St. Michael's (5025 Mill Rd. in Broadview Heights).

Home Modifications

Substantial home modifications may be requested through the Family Support Program. These projects typically require a lengthy process of evaluation, competitive bidding and installation. If approved, a Home Modification Coordinator will be assigned to coordinate the project and ensure the requested modification is completed according to all applicable housing and building codes. Specific modifications may require CCBDD to make a referral to an appropriate therapist for recommendations. The work will be completed by a CCBDD-approved contractor. The contractor will be required to obtain any necessary permits in order to complete the modification. Outdoor work is dependent on weather conditions and may need to be started when the conditions are appropriate. Please note that some of these modifications may take considerable time, therefore adequate planning time is required. If you live in a rental home and you request modifications, written permission from your landlord is required prior to the modification. Each modification must be adaptive in nature.If you have further questions about home modifications, please contact the Manager of Family Supports at (216) 736-2947.  The total amount of any Home Modification will be deducted from a separate fund, and is not included in your total annual program allowance.  Home modifications have a lifetime limit.

Items that may be Funded

  • Ramps
  • Porch lifts
  • Van lifts
  • Bathroom modifications
  • Stair glides

Boy and Instructor at Theraputic Riding CenterAdditional Information about DoDD Certification can be found at .

  • “Sit” Respite Providers: These providers will come into the family home and care for your family member while you are away. These providers are independent contractors of NEON. The cost of each respite sit will be deducted from your total annual program allowance. For a list of the current Providers, please contact NEON or check their website Families may call various sit providers, negotiate a payment rate for the needed period and determine if the provider is available to provide the respite service.
  • “In Home”  Respite Providers: These providers must meet the requirements listed above, and their homes must be certified by NEON. These providers are independent contractors of NEON. Annual fire inspection and an annual NEON visit is required to ensure that the home still meets the standards set by the Family Support Program. For a list of the current Provider, please contact NEON or check their website Families may call various providers, negotiate a payment rate and determine if the provider is available to provide the respite service.


Items that may be Funded

  • Respite in your home (Sit)
  • Family Selected Provider
  • Respite in a provider’s home (In-Home)


Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Direct Deposit FAQ

FSS Invoice

Instructions for Completing the Family Support Invoice

Sample Invoice

Family-Selected Provider Process

Waiver of Training for Family-Selected Provider Form


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