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Family Supports Program

The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) recognizes and appreciates the vital support families provide to people with developmental disabilities who live at home with them. We want to help families in this caregiving role by providing funding for goods and services available through our Family Supports Program. We believe that using a portion of our tax levy revenue for this purpose will benefit many people with developmental disabilities throughout Cuyahoga County.

In 2018, CCBDD’s Board approved a change that removed the copay requirement for people age 22 and older. At its September 26, 2019 meeting, the Board approved additional improvements to the Family Supports Program to assure that people who are not funded by a Medicaid Waiver or other sources have access to some funds for desired resources and services.


What’s new?

  • Ages 18 and older, the annual allotment is $1,500. There is no income requirement or copay.
  • Ages 17 and younger, the annual allotment is either $1,500 or $750 based on the family’s income. This means that all children qualify for at least $750.
  • The annual financial allotment is now per person (not per family).
  • Allotments will no longer be prorated. The full allotment for which you are eligible can be spent throughout the year.
  • Camp assistance (formerly the Cuyahoga Campership Program) is now offered under the Family Supports Program. *Click HERE for the 2020 Summer & Beyond Fair flyer.
  • Leisure/recreation activities no longer have to be adaptive. People may use this funding to join and participate in leisure/recreation activities available in the community. 


Who is eligible? Adults and children of all income levels who are eligible for CCBDD services and who live at home with a family member. (People who live on their own, who are enrolled on a Medicaid Waiver, or who live in an Intermediate Care Facility/ICF or in foster care are not eligible.)


          Family Supports Program Application


          Family Support Guidelines pdf

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