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Money Management Definitions

Account - Any checking account, savings account, cash-on-hand account, household account, or any gift card/certificate that has a cash value.

Guardian - The person or agency named by the probate court as having the power to make decisions on behalf of an individual over the age of 18.

ISP - Individual Service Plan

Inventory - A written list of an individual's personal belongings.

Payee - Individual or agency given the power, by the Social Security Administration, to manage an individual's Social Security benefits.

Personal Money - Earned and unearned income kept by the individual after paying all bills.

Personal Things - All clothing, furniture, televisions, radios, medication and other personal items purchased and/or owned by the individual, including ite ms gifted to the individual. 

Responsible Agent - The person or agency, other than the provider, named in the Individual Service Plan to take on the responsibility to decide what to do with an individual's personal belongings and/or individual funds at the time of death when the individual does not have a last will and testament.

Social Security Funds - All income received for the individual from the Social Security Administration including SSI and SSDI.

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