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More on Visual Supports

Why use Visual Supports?

Individuals who have ASD or DD often times develop stronger visual skills than auditory skills.  Visual supports allow them to use this visual strength to process, organize, remember and respond to information thereby allowing the individual to more easily participate in the communicative process.  Visual supports also allow important information to remain accessible in the individual’s environment.  This can greatly reduce the stress levels and inappropriate behaviors that individuals with ASD or DD may exhibit when they cannot effectively communicate or when they do not understand the expectations of the environment

What can Visual Supports be Used for?

Visual supports are commonly used to communicate choices, organize daily schedules, give directions, explain rules or expectations, aide in transition, or provide appropriate actions to individuals with ASD or DD.

Examples of Visual Supports:

  •  Photgraphs
  • Picture Symbols
  • Food lables
  • Written words
  •  Calendars
  • Objects
  • Scheduels

Food Choices    Visual Schedule 

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