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Mounting Systems

What is a Mount?

A mount is a piece of equipment that allows us to keep an assistive technology aid within reach of the person who needs to use it.

 Some examples of mounting systems:

Velcro Switch Mount
iPad Chair Mount
  iPad Floor Mount
Goose-neck Rolling
Floor Mount
 Wheel Chair Mount  Wheel Chair Mount 2


Rolling Floor Mount

What Can a Mount Hold?
  • a switch  a laptop 
  • a communication device
  • an off-the-shelf toy or piece of

What Can a Mount Be Attached To?
  • a table or desk
  • a wheelchair
  • a bed
  • a door frame or wall
  • a stroller
  • a rolling tray
  • a body part
  • a shelf


Selecting a Mounting System

Issues to take into account when one is selecting a mount or mounting system

  • First and foremost, what does the individual need to be able to do
  • What kind of contact is the individual able to make – can they use their finger(s), fist, knee, foot, head, chin, elbow? Are they able to make contact with small target or do they need a large target?
  • What needs to be put in reach of the individual – is it large or small, lightweight or heavy, will it need to be taken off or will it be mounted permanently?
  • Will the mount/mounting system be relatively easy for family and staff to modify as needed?
  • Will the mount be in the way if the individual needs to move? If so, will it be relatively easy for family or staff to remove and re-attach the mount?

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