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Quality Assurance

Photo of fast food workerOur Quality Assurance Division provides protective services and quality assurance to individuals with DD. It also directs the Board of DD’s continuing quality improvement activities and assures our compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and statutes.   

Protective Services

Major Unusual Incidents: This unit investigates incidents of abuse or neglect, exploitation or denial of due process or other rights. This service is available for anyone who has DD in our county, not just those enrolled with the Board of DD.  

Quality Reviews: A formal monitoring and review process, as well as feedback and corrective action, helps to assure the safety and well being of individuals supported by the Board of DD and to assure that services and supports are directed at enhancing individual quality of life.  

Forensic Services: Individuals with DD who are charged with a crime may seek assistance from this unit. Staff work closely with the courts to seek the best possible resolution of issues and develop appropriate supports for the individual. (Link to section on offenders with DD.)   

Systems and Quality Compliance

Systems Compliance: This unit ensures that all Board of DD services and supports meet or exceed applicable rules, regulations, standards and statutes. It assists others in developing and implementing plans for continued quality improvement.    

Complaint Resolution: This unit handles complaints regarding Board of DD services and supports; complaints of individuals with DD regarding possible discrimination due to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex or handicap and complaints regarding programs and services delivered by other community agencies to people with DD.  

Adults with DD and their parents/guardians may file a complaint when the responsible service provider(s) has not satisfactorily addressed their concerns or when they; want a complaint kept confident or are unsure of whom to notify to resolve a problem. Our staff can assist by gathering pertinent information about the complaint, contacting responsible individuals, assisting with the resolution of the complaint and ensuring due process and confidentiality for the complainant.

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