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iPad Speakers

What to keep  in mind when purchasing speakers for an iPad:  

  • When looking for speakers, make sure that they are listed as being compatible with Apple devices – the cable looks the same, but some actually distort the iPad’s sound.
  • Some speakers are made with a cable that plugs right into the speaker port on the iPad  - these do improve the sound quite a bit (like with most laptops). Some speakers come with both Bluetooth capability along with a cable. In our experience, using them via Bluetooth provides a better sound.
  • It’s much, much better to be sure that the speaker has its own volume control. Those without the control make the sound more crisp and clearer, but not any louder!
  • Most of the speakers need to be charged via a USB port – that’s a pain if you don’t plan on always having a computer around when you also have an iPad. Investing in a USB AC charger is a good investment! The charger is plugged into the electrical outlet, and your USB device is plugged into it for charging.  

Click here for an article on iPad speakers 

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