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iPad Accessibility Options

Options are available for users who are unable to independently use the touchscreen of the iPad. Many ideas are given by Therese Wilkomm, Director of ATinNH, and can be viewed from this link:

iPAD 201 Awesome Accessories, Adaptations, and Resources

  • Capacitive touch screens distinguish and sense specific touch location based on the electrical impulses in a human body, typically the fingertip.  This enables capacitive touchscreens to not require any actual force to be applied to the screen’s surface; at the same time, capacitive screens typically don’t respond to styluses or gloved hands due to the lack of electrical impulses generated. If the user understands the concept of touching specific areas onscreen, but do not have the ability to isolate a finger to point, use a glove with a finger cut out. In this way, the other part of the hand will not activate the touchscreen even if it rests upon it. The touchscreen requires the electrical connection from skin.

Switch Access

Manufacturers have created switch interfaces that connect through Bluetooth to the iPad. This really should be considered to be a work-in-progress. The interfaces have been designed to function very differently in how they interact with the apps. Some interfaces work with the built-in VoiceOver feature of the Apple operating system (iOS), which allows for access to the existing apps that are universal on Apple devices (Music Library, Safari, iBooks, etc.).  

However, most of the interfaces work ONLY with specific apps that have been designed to be switch-accessible. There are currently only a small number of these apps that have been developed. Unfortunately, these app developers have chosen to create their own requirements for how the app will recognize the input of the switch through the interface. At this point, the only interface that will work with all of the switch -accessible apps that have been developed thus far is - the APPlicator!

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

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