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Non-Waiver "Community-Funded" Supports

What are non-waiver "community-funded" supports?

Some individuals may be eligible for Cuyahoga County Board of DD services, but not for enrollment on a Medicaid waiver. Or an individual may need supports, but is waiting for a waiver slot. Some individuals may receive services which are paid by the Cuyahoga County Board of DD through local dollars rather than Medicaid-funded services.

Who can work with people who have non-waiver services?

Interested individuals or agencies must be certified by the Ohio Department of DD (DODD) as a certified waiver provider or certified by DODD as a supported living provider. The training, the requirements and the application fee are the same for both waiver and supported living providers.

How do I know if I am working with a non-waiver consumer?

The Individual Service Plan (ISP) will identify the funding source. Or, if it is a change to the ISP, an addendum will identify if the individual is enrolled on a waiver. If the individual is not enrolled on a waiver, it is non-waiver services.


How do providers document their services?

Providers must document services in order to bill properly. Documentation may be reviewed by the Ohio Department of DD, NEON or Cuyahoga County Board of DD provider compliance reviewers.


What do I do if I am selected by a consumer who has non-waiver supports?

In order to prevent delays in payment, contact NEON to verify that you are included on the list of all current providers if you are selected by an individual who has non-waiver supports. NEON will mail, fax or email all necessary paperwork. Once all required documents are filed, you will be added to the provider list. CCBDD Support Administrators have a list of all providers. Once all documents are verified with NEON, please call the CCBDD Support Administrator who will add you to the person's Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Please complete and return the attached forms along with a copy of your driver's license and Social Security card to:


Cuyahoga Family Support Services

5121 Mahoning Ave.

Austintown, Ohio 44515


How does a provider bill for services?

The Cuyahoga County Board of DD accepts billing for non-waiver supports only through the billing website This site was designed by Primary Solutions, Inc. to facilitate the exchange of information between County Boards of DD, providers of DD services and the individuals receiving services.

The payment for non-waiver supports is generated by North East Ohio Network (NEON). No taxes are withheld from paychecks.

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